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With combi boilers, you get what you pay for ... we strongly believe in offering people in Esh the finest at an inexpensive cost ...

Let’s be completely honest, most individuals have an idea what they need in boiler terms, but they tend not to want a home visit.
They just wish to know what they’re receiving & what it’s really going to cost. We more than happy to help with this … So put to use the quotation builder tool just above. It’s quick, it’s totally free, extremely accurate, & should you really like the final quote,then just fill in the form to contact us. Simple as that. On the other hand, some customers do need a visit. These people want to explore their alternatives or need advice.We’re fine in either case.In all cases our quotes will guarantee:

New Combi Boiler Needed

  • A competitive estimate, one individuals can understand & work with.
  • Absolutely no sales patter ever
  • We can confirm your estimate by viewing 2 or 3 basic snapshots
  • Every thing can be done on your phone, ipad tablet, laptop computer etc. No need to even converse with us.
  • No cash back, sales gimmicks, etc, no one goes for any of these nowadays.
  • Financing is readily available. A really easy process.
  • No additional charge in any way for this service either. One job, one price.

                                                  Far more important, you’re taking control throughout.

Purchasing a new central heating boiler has certainly never been simpler. Invest sixty seconds applying our wonderful quote tool, click on a handful of incredibly easy options & we believe you'll be amazed at the estimate you receive. The moment you add our service, client support, quality of craftsmanship, wonderful boilers etc it comes to be a very fair estimate indeed. Try it ...

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Need a different boiler? Boiler on Financing? Then you are in need of this: Terrific service, terrific prices, wonderful value ... We set the standards ...

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Our firm never overcharge on finance. What ever your choice of settlement, card, cash, finance, the cost is actually the same.

Magnetic filtration systems are an essential unit in today's boiler industry. We fit one on every single boiler we install.

Smart Thermostat

Intelligent thermostats are now a legal entity. By law they have to be put in. Once again we use only the best.

Cozee Warm Limited supplies affordable, honest and fixed pricing quotations.

Try us, we are a local, straightforward, family run firm with more than forty years’ expertise within this industry. We’re sure you’ll bemore than happy with our estimate and promise you’ll be thrilled with our professionalism and working practises.

Confidence with us from start to finish … with the added reward of no salespersons … assured.

Simply the best? Well, we like to think so, we undoubtedly do make an effort. Numerous delighted clients for many years vouch to this.

We prefer to think we provide the personalised level of care you demand, certainly more personal than anything you would obtain from the” Multinational Guys”.

While we do have a preference, (for your benefit much more than our own); to install only the market leading boiler makes; (which are recognised to be the most reliable with long term warranties).

It was for this reason we became approved Baxi, Ideal & Worcester Bosch installers.

Because, it goes without saying “you get what you pay for”…….perhaps quite correct in the heating market…either way, new heating boilers are not cheap these days.

Upon performing a property visit or photograph derived check, we would ensure there will be no extra fees.

We likewise understand not everyone can afford this. We therefore will price quote a boiler of your selection if that’s your preferable alternative.

Magnetic filter system are generally a little unit alongside the boiler that keep your heating system clear in the long run.

Equally called a boiler filter which is capable of capturing practically 100% of the Magnetite inside a system.

As water passes through the device, a big magnet gets any rust away from the water onto the magnet to ensure only cleansed water is passed back to the boiler. The filter system will need to be cleaned once a year or so.

Magnetite is the formal label of heating system sludge, it’s created from Iron Oxide the result of a chain reaction between the different metals and air entering in to the system.

How frequently do I really need to clean the filter system? We encourage it is cleaned once a year

A smart thermostat is now necessary for the present day heating system. Its intention is to assist energy performance whilst enabling complete control.

Whilst programmers or timers, are pretty much the most fundamental feature of any type of programmable regulator or smart thermostat, they also permit you to establish a pattern of timed management periods for your benefit, controlling the hours you use and choosing the temperature constant of your preference.

The more complex ones, link to the web, enabling you to manage things via your mobile phone, home computer or tablet, sort of handy when you’re out and about and would like a warm residence to return too.

These also understand your most highlighted sequences and configurations and adjust as needed. Pretty cool, in conclusion.

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Additional Info intended for the Costs of a Brand new Boiler on finance.

Is a deposit needed?

Monthly repayments, pay monthly, finance, boiler finance, no matter how you explain it, relatively simply the down payment could be absolutely nothing or as much as you ‘d want. Our staff don’t hassle anybody regarding this. The only detail a down payment would establish will be a reduction in the month-to-month repayments. The hassle free boiler finance alternative would be zero. The best boiler plan or offer would be a significant down payment or payment up front, leading to reduced regular monthly repayments.

Having stated this, one of the most preferred boiler pay month to month alternative is zero down payment.

New Boilers

Generally there is no limitation on which boilers you are able to opt for. We have a preference for the major boiler manufacturer’s, these are tried and tested boilers, which in turn will last longer than the possible credit or monthly payment plans anyone might choose.

 Web Based Pricing Solution

Our estimate, sensible and representative of the boiler facts you have sent, nevertheless may need to be verified either by a home survey or terrific photos provided by oneself.

Our firm are not involved in any scheme, cost-free combi boilers scheme, government initiative or any schemes of that ilk. We provide excellent prices, top quality products, top quality know-how, together with long term manufacturer’s warranties directly from the boiler manufacturers. Our firm include a 1 year guarantee on every single thing we provide and install.

Finesse Chic Limited trading as Cozee Warm Limited is an introducer appointed representative of Phoenix Financial Consultants Limited (“Phoenix”). Phoenix is a credit broker that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No. 539195) which offers finance for home improvement projects from its panel of lenders. All finance subject to status and credit checks.

Financing or Credit

Our company offer several finance or credit options. They may either zero % or 9.9% representative.

This particular service is simply for boiler installations, radiators or bath rooms. Photo voltaic is definitely not allowed.

They can be over various terms, depending on your guidelines.

Utilize our estimate resource to obtain your finance amount, after that simply use the on-line loan calculator to receive a payment option. You can compare numerous choices, longer or shorter terms, with or without any a deposit. The finance installments can easily vary significantly whilst you evaluate your most appropriate boiler plan.

Illustrative examples are supplied free of charge. The apr is clearly mentioned. The interest sum is typically displayed. The total amount of credit is evident, whatever finance, month-to-month payment or credit agreement you opt for.

Boiler Installation

While you can compare quotes on-line, you take a leap of confidence the moment it comes to engineers. Our people are first class, Gas Safe registered, completely professional and a total credit to our company. Clean, quick and competent. Polite and welcoming as you ‘d expect. They pay complete attention to their job, and credit where credit’s due, they will not leave till you totally understand how things function. They are representative of the very high standards we set.

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They who hold off often end up spending a bit more!

Suppliers of central heating boilers and linked materials, magnetic cleaning products, radiators, smart thermostats etc, are continually raising prices.

Act right now! Keep the job as inexpensive as possible, it makes sense

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